Trails in Monte Subasio Park

For trekking lovers, starting from our farm, there are many trails within the Parco del Subasio. We invite you to visit the site of the Monte Subasio Park. For information and map of the trails, contact our reception.

Trail no. 50

Assisi – Mortaro Grande – Spello

Length: 15.5 km

Difference in height: Uphill 957m – Downhill 801mFrom Porta Cappuccini, a dirt road on the left runs along the medieval walls. Continue uphill until you reach a picnic area, and then go downhill to Eremo delle Carceri, follow Fosso delle Carceri upstream and reach Croce di Sasso Piano.
At the top, you will find the dolines of Mortaro Grande and Mortaiolo.
Go downhill to Fonte Bregno, go ahead among Downy Oaks and Maple Trees, and then among Olive Trees. Here you will enjoy a beautiful view of Spello.
The trail ends at Fonte Bulgarella.

Trail no. 51 – Lap of Subasio

Assisi – Costa di Trex – Rocca di Postignano – Nocera Scalo

Length: 20 km

Difference in height: Uphill 657m – Downhill 635mThe trail retracing St Francis’ last journey to Assisi is characterized by important historical-naturalistic features.
From Assisi, after some ups and downs, along the forest road of Fonte Maddalena, avoiding the original trail closed because of a landslide, you will reach Costa di Trex; follow the road to Armenzano; go downhill to Ponte Cavaliero, stepping over Fosso Marchetto ravine. A detour leads to Satriano Church. Cross a woodland, and a dirt road will lead to Villa di Postignano, where you can meet the ruins of Rocca di Postignano. Go down to the valley bottom.

Trail no. 52

Collepino – Mt. Subasio

Length: 5 km

Difference in height: Uphill 628m – Downhill 628mFrom the site above Collepino, take the asphalt road leading to San Giovanni. At the first bend on the right, take the trail on the left which, crossing a large ditch, leads to the summit after meeting San Silvestro Hermitage and Madonna della Spella Oratory

Trail no. 53

San Giovanni – Armenzano – Stazzi – Montarone

Length: 11 km

Difference in height: Uphill 557m – Downhill 396mThe itinerary develops on the NE slope of the mountain. It mainly develops along fire roads, always surrounded by a beautiful woodland.

Trail no. 54

Fonte Bregno – San Benedetto – Eremo delle Carceri

Length: 6 km

Difference in height: Uphill 376m – Downhill 226mThe trail connects two sacred places: Eremo delle Carceri and St Benedict Abbey. It is recommended to continue the itinerary by following the trail 60 or 50.

Trail no. 55

Valtopina – Armenzano – Mt. Subasio

Length: 3.5 km

Difference in height: Uphill 525m – Downhill 525mFrom Valtopina climb to Serra Castle, then passing through Vallemare you will reach the town of Armenzano. The trail continues from the drinking trough upstream Armenzano: it climbs quickly, to the extent that it is considered a very direct trail.
Once you reach a large deep valley, follow it upstream keeping the left, passing near the doline of Mortaro delle Trosce.

Trail no. 56

The lake – Gabbiano Vecchio – Sasso Rosso

Length: 5 km

Difference in height: Uphill 260m – Downhill 302mThe trail leaves from the panoramic road climbing from Spello and follows the western slope of Mt. Subasio.
It crosses Fosso Renaro and passes near an abandoned quarry rich in fossils.
It reaches the abandoned town of Gabbiano Vecchio and Sermattei spring, situated along the dirt road leading downhill to the town.
From here it climbs to Sasso Rosso, from where you can continue along trail 54.

Trail no. 57

Valtopina – San Giovanni di Collepino – Mt. Subasio

Length: 7.5 km

Difference in height: Uphill 880m – Downhill 880mItinerary developing for the first 4 km along a narrow asphalt road set in the narrow valley of Fosso dell’Anna. At Buccilli Mill, it becomes a trail quickly climbing up to the top of the mountain, touching the town of San Giovanni di Collepino and Prati di Pizzo.
Along the route, several trails branch off (59, 58,53)
At the arrival, you can continue your walk along trails 50 and 52.

Trail no. 58

San Giovanni – Madonna della Spella

Length: 3 km

Difference in height: Uphill 342m – Downhill 342mFrom San Giovanni follow, for a short stretch, trails 53 and 57, and then take a trail on the left.
Take a carriage road which quickly becomes very steep. At the junction, turn right and you will reach a drinking trough from which a trail shortly leads to Madonna della Spella Church.

Trail no. 59

Buccilli Mill – Nottiano – Armenzano

Length: 4 km

Difference in height: Uphill 285m – Downhill 285mThe trail runs along Fosso dell’Anna, crossing the torrent several times.
Go beyond the ruins of Pollo mill, cross the torrent again, follow the uphill trail on the left until you will find a dirt road that, after a junction (take the trail on the left), reaches Nottiano and then Armenzano.

Trail no. 60

Eremo delle Carceri – Madonna della Spella – Pontecentesimo

Length: 16 km

Difference in height uphill: 530m (+331m leaving from Assisi)
Difference in height downhill: 1,000mThe long itinerary will take the whole day.
After the initial uphill stretch, you will reach Scoglio di Sasso Piano.
The trail mainly continues in the mountains, touching Fonte Bregno and Madonna della Spella; from here, with a quick downhill trail, it reaches Madonna di Colpernieri.
It then climbs to Mt. Cupacci and goes down to Pontecentesimo, crossing the town of Cupacci and an old abandoned furnace.

Trail no. 61

Costa di Trex – Mt. Subasio

Length: 7 km

Difference in height: Uphill 735m – Downhill 735mFrom Matteotti town square in Assisi, take the road leading to Gualdo Tadino and, after 500m, turn right to Costa di Trex: from here, take the mule track on the right. The trail, once used to reach the mountain summit with the mules, is mainly an uphill trail: only at the summit it crosses the meadows and meets trail no. 55 passing by the doline of Mortaro delle Trosce.

Trail no. 62

San Vettorino Bridge – Armenzano

Length: 14 km

Difference in height: Uphill 560m – Downhill 50mAccess from San Vettorino bridge on Tescio at the foot of Assisi. To reach the town of Armenzano, the itinerary crosses Tescio more than once, with fords and bridges dating back to Roman and medieval periods.
The most important one is Marchetto bridge. Going uphill, the trail follows mule tracks used by the local people to carry out agricultural activities.

Trail no. 63

Il Termine Pass – Lanciano

Length: 7 km

Difference in height: Uphill 26m – Downhill 239mAccess from Il Termine Pass along trail 51 Nocera-Assisi, along the ridge heading north.
Itinerary giving the opportunity to discover a not very well-known patch of the Park.
Once you reach Lanciano, you can go ahead by following the road signs to Nocera Umbra and Gualdo Tadino.